sabato 24 febbraio 2007

Are we still unripe?

Whenever any political election is coming up in any of the two countries I believe to belong to, I feel very frustrated and sometimes even more, especially now that it has to do with my native country. And I know not to be the only one. This my unconfortable state of mind is caused by the inability of most of us residing abraod to participate fully in the political lives of these countries we consider ours. In Italy, foreigners are not even allowed to participate at the administrative levels, no matter the number of years stayed.
I believe that the right to vote, being a civic right, is one of the most important of all rights ever, and for one to spend a great percentage his life span not having the opportunity to esersice it could somehow distabilize his sense of belonging.
We nigerians abroad are always obliged to accepting any leader, often not cherished by us, after each election without having any possibility to contest it democratically, by vote.
In the past, I had always envied those western counteries that extends this basic right to their citizens abroad, hoping that one day our democracy will also be able to give us this recognition.
Recently, I have noticed that many other countries have adhered to this nobel practice. These countries like Perù, Philippines, Senegal and even Gabon, with respect, are not to be considered of a superior civility compared to our Nigeria. But for now, we seem to be contented with those big titles like: the president or the secretary of this or that political party abroad, and often exchanging it for chieftancy titles that have become very rampant!
It is quite unfortunate that some of our respectable associations abroad (the Nigerian comunity, the Nidoe, etc.) have not seen this to be an important issue to battle on. Of course, it might not be a priority in a country with bundles and bundles of problems, but I believe that the earlier we start talking about it, the better for our children and the future emigrants.
This kind of active involvemente, could be, undoubtedly, an effective means of getting our people interested in the happenings at home, participating in them and reintegrating back into our societies there.

May God bless you all!

Blessing Sunday Osuchukwu

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Ikenna ha detto...

You have made the point that the subtle denial of voting right to immigrants in their host country and the fact that in the particular case of Nigeria, its citizens abroad are disenfranchised could alienate one from the beingness of his being, his root, his identity through which he relates with his essence. We pray that in the future, the hawks in our corridors of power will allow us to be part of that all-important process;-having a valid say in who represents you.