mercoledì 7 maggio 2008

Remembre me

Remember me
When it will seem to you as if the whole world has abandoned you
When you will feel equally alone in the midst of a multitude
When you will hardly express yourself and people will not understand
When your loneliness will tempt to take you far from the real world

Remember me
When you will need another hand but don't know whom to ask
That time when your legs will be unable to carry your body
That time when your relations and friends will try to disown you
When you will try to send SOS but nobody will come to your mind

Remember me
When alcohol and drugs will seem to be your only alternative
When you will have food but will lack the appetite to eat
When the sense of your life will often escape your mind
When you will start to doubt if it is necessary to continue to live

Remember me
The day you will have champagne but no one to toast with
The day you will have something to say but nobody to listen
The day you will need a mirror in order to talk to somebody
Remember me because I am and will always be there for you!

Blessing Sunday Osuchukwu

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