venerdì 13 aprile 2007

The last Prayer

Subject: the Nigerian general elections, 2007

Oh God, may all glory, adoration and power be unto your holy name. Father, I thank you immensely for the kindness, love and mercy you have shown on us, your nigerian children. Thank you, father, for the precious life you have spared us in these recent years.
You protected and safeguarded our lives, notwithstanding the armed robbers hungrily searching for them in our homes and on our roads, round the clock, every blessed year. You nourished the bodies and wetted the throats of the poor masses, notwithstanding the lack of food, water and the absence of Naira in their pockets.
You stood for us and prevented them from selling off our great nation, even as they have looted all our wealth, mercilessly exploited and shamefully embezzled our resources. You fatherly calmed the furious souls of those of us who couldn't bear it any longer and were tempted to violence.
Father, we welcomed them with great joy, mistaking them to be what they said to be, our saviours. But they turned out to be our nightmare, just weeks after their swearing-in.
We have deteriorated from half current to latterns, from the occational tap water to the mud. Our usual bad roads have turned out to be simply out of use. The young people who only had the problem of getting a job after their studies, now cannot even finish their studies for lack of funds. Father, while other countries were developing and advancing technologically, they decided that our own money should be kept damant in the western banks, in their personal accounts. Parents are watching their children die for lack of food and water. People are watching relations die for lack of simple medical cares. Father, hell seems to have transfered to the earth, in Nigeria.
Here they come again! With different faces and different tongues, but we know their DNA is the same with the others. The miserable masses are once again called upon to esercise their civic right which, obviously, will be irrelivant on who is going to win or lose the elections.
Heavenly father, I beg thee on behalf of the perishing masses to take care of the disastrous situation. Give us the leaders that will not send the rest of us to the numerous mass graves located in the country, as they are already filled up.
Deliver us from the hands of our political tyrants and our democratic dictators, and give us the courage and the wisdom to erase the sense of 'patriotic orphan' that has come to reign in the soul of every nigerian being.
All these I beg thee, through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Blessing Sunday Osuchukwu

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